One Woman’s Quest to Love Sprout Live


One Woman’s Quest to Love Sprout Live

How did Love Sprout Live Bread come into being?


My name is Kiley. I am a professional, a mom, and a health food enthusiast. Even though it can be a challenge with our busy lifestyle, maintaining good health through fitness and a responsible diet is a top priority for me and my family.

I grew up in the Midwest and always lived a health-conscious lifestyle. After college, my husband and I moved to Los Angeles and had our first child. As a first-time mom, I was on a quest to feed our daughter the most healthful foods possible. I soon realized much of our diet was highly processed food containing large amounts of salt, sugar, and artificial ingredients. It provided us with little real food and nutrients to fuel our bodies.

Part of cutting out highly-processed foods meant finding new bread. We tried the "Bible Breads” from the freezer section, but they did not taste good and would easily crumble. This sparked a conversation about why there weren’t better clean label breads out there.

My father made a career at Aunt Millie’s Bakeries. I approached him and the director of R&D at Aunt Millie’s—a guy they call “The Bread Wizard”—and convinced them to experiment with some sprouted grain flour and a minimal ingredient list. After a year of bakery trials and taste tests, a new loaf was born.

The new sprouted wheat breads not only feature the health benefits of Bible Breads, they function and taste so much better. In short, this product took me back to the bread from my childhood, and my kids liked it too!

Next, with the help of the marketing team at Aunt Millie’s, we decided on a name for the bread. I knew sprouted grains needed to be a foundational part of name, since it is key to the health benefits. I also wanted to infuse the brand with the emotions of being a mom and my excitement for life.


Love for family, Sprout for health, and Live for living life to the max!

Thank you for trying Love Sprout Live breads and becoming part of our healthy movement. Aunt Millie’s and I are always looking for hippies, moms, and health nuts to join our unapologetic quest for healthy and delicious.

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