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Live Sprout Loud

Start living sprout loud.

Love Sprout Eat

Highly nutritious. Surprisingly delicious.

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Love Sprout Live…

Sprouted-grain bread that doesn’t sacrifice flavor.

Healthy has never tasted so heavenly!


Our Unique Baking Process

Better flavor starts with better flour.


Every loaf starts with the harvesting of whole, sprouted grains.


We soak the grains until they sprout, releasing the life-giving goodness inside the grain, making nutrients more available and easier to digest.


Our sprouted grains are dried and milled into flour, which results in a lighter, more flavorful bread than non-milled grains.

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We take extra time and care in baking our dried grains into Love Sprout Live breads. The result is a blissfully nutritious bread with a cloud-like texture and heavenly flavor.

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Start Living Sprout Loud!